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i felt so beyond dumb today. right dead retarded. quick witted, but dumb.

my weekend...ok...
friday i got called into the personal care home. which pissed me off, but whatever. i made moneys.
then i went home, and then went to work at the golf course.
then i went to see jarred.
and im drawing a blank suddenly.
OOOH i went to the gasbar and met up with jarred and dan, and then i saw tyler and alex driving around with a hockey helmet on top of alex's car, and talked to them for a bit, and then donna and jeff came, talked to them, then we eventually went to 3 mile.
party! w00t w00t.
started drinking, then kahleigh got all sad, so i helped her out, took her for a few walks and such.
then fucken desmond started fighting with darrell over tiffany. what a fuck head.
desmond fights with ANYONE.
so once that was over, more things happened, i got a litle drunk, jarred got drunk
we stood around after a bunch of people left and listened to oasis.
yaaaaay oasis!
champagne supernova is a wicked song.
so after that was done, most people left, b/c it started raining, so then jarred and i took a pleasantly tanked danny home and he ended up telling me later that he puked alot after
then jarred and i went and did something that topped wednesday by far.
mainly because, as sappy as it sounds, he told me that he wanted to actually "make love" for once, and i think he planned to put "colorblind" by counting crows on repeat.
it was perfect, and ridiculously orgasmic.
he told me that was the first time he actualy realized that he really was in love with me, and just how much.
he told me that when he told me he loved me, that he did mean it but he was in love with the things i do, and how i am, and my personality, and how i made him feel, and what not
and friday pushed him to realize that he was in love with me.
so then i went home.
called him on the way home too.
saturday i worked, which was cool.
got to work with stacie.
she's awesome.
and super cute.
she told me her boyfriend was like, "oh, so you're working with paula eh? guess i'm sleeping on the couch tonight then."
at work devin and alex and some guy i didnt know showed up, devin snorted some sugar straight out of the sugar thing. then he proceeded to head to the bathroom to blow his nose. lolz.
they came back later and played a g.i joe boardgame in the conference room.
then tyler and i had a conversation about s&m conferences. dont ask.
we also mentioned making s&m custumes out of toothpicks.
the minty cello wrapped kind.
after work i went to find michelle, which i failed at doing.
ran into tyler, alex, devin and scott, whom i kept calling "the other guy"
it was funny. he reminds me of my other friend scott.
devin wrote "i am stopping" on my tail lights.
it was fun.
then i walked to the social thingy with them, and devin was walking weird.
fuck that kid is funny.
then i got to the social, and i'll write about this later.
i need food and sleep.
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