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i wrote this a little while ago.

time reversing and little kids are screaming out to their mommies.
drop those needles even though they're clean baby doll you don't need that junk no more.
beautiful stones roll down those green green hills and nothing but the sounds of birds will wake you.
let it all slide down let it all wash down with a cold glass of something pure and maybe you can hear the waterfalling splish splashing outside your window clear
window fogged
window glass.
if you're asking me questions i'll just have to nod and deliver you everything as it comes as it falls out of my jumbled head and into the air before me, let it's kiss hit your ears and leave the lipstick marks across the skin.
it won't burn i promise.
i'm too nice to ever hurt you. but i'll certainly confuse you, oh i'm sorry things won't make much sense.
but if you stop looking for the sense in all of this then maybe you'll see how beautiful and wonderful and magical everything really is despite the horrible things you'd see if you'd turn your head around.
so don't. just look at me. just let it all wash down with a glass of water and put your face to the cool of the window glass you fogged with your heavy sobbing breath.
it will be ok, it will be alright.
just listen carefully and let me be your guide-dog.
i'm sorry it can't make more sense.
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